July 8, 2007- Frankie is located in a Sylvan Lake, Alberta, foster home.

Baby Frankie is a people-loving, outgoing little tyke! He is into everything! He loves other cats, and will play-attack anyone. He greeted Clover, a young adult foster cat in the home, by tackling her at their first meeting. They are now firm friends!

May 21, 2007- This little cat is located in a Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada foster home.

Peaches is Mommacat. Peaches is a tiny little cat. She was very tolerant of being put in a crate and hauled away. She is very underweight at this time. Peaches is a beautiful little cat, and a wonderful mother.

Morgan and Taylor are also Peaches' kittens, and Frankie's sisters.

Taylor is black with white boots, and Morgan is dark grey and striped. Both tiny individuals are cute as can be.

Frankie is a little male, and was given into care a week after his sitsers. He had forgotten everyone in the week that went by. Fortunately his momma remembered him, and tolerated him hissing at her until he got used to her again. They all get along marvelously now.

Everyone in this little family is litter trained. This pet is up to date with routine shots.

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