We put your adoption fees to excellent use!

We put your adoption fees to excellent use! The summer of 2006 we began to bring female dogs in to the veterinarian to spay. Janet Sigurdson, one of our corner-stone volunteers, has been heading up this task. Janet taught school on the O’Chiese Reserve for two years and knows firsthand the neglect, pain and suffering faced by dogs in these communities due to the over population. Janet is now living in the Edmonton area and in order to achieve this must drive two hours to reach the Sunchild & O’Chiese First Nations Communities. Once there, she may have to drive for hours to look for females that are not already pregnant or with nursing pups. This can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. She then must get permission from the owners to bring their dogs in to be spayed. The dogs are then taken to Red Deer to be housed overnight in order to arrive at the vet clinic for an 8:00 a.m. appointment. As of September, the spay females are housed for a full week until Janet is able to return them to their homes on the First Nations. Paws and Claws is extremely grateful to both Janet and Jodi for their contributions to this endeavor; Jodi provides "hotel accommodations" for these lovely ladies!  

Very few animals in this area are spayed and neutered, so the animal population grows exponentially. The statistic is if all a female dog's puppies survive and continue to breed, in five years sixty-five-hundred puppies will be born. The only thing that checks the animal population on these two reserves is deaths due to predation, harsh winters, starvation, diseases and parasitic infestations.   Paws and Claws Animal Rescue Foundation volunteers are dedicated to changing this situation.

We bring large numbers of puppies and dogs and a few cats into care to re-home. (Sadly, most cats are killed by the feral dog population.) Volunteers help educate regarding animal care, and assist with de-worming and treatment of many parasitic infestations. Paws and Claws help needy families occasionally by providing pet food when we are able. We have also begun a spay campaign to prevent many unwanted puppies from being born.  

Janet and Jodi have been keeping this pace up since August 2006, if any one is interested in helping out I am sure these ladies would be extremely grateful for the help. Whether it is driving or providing temporary accommodation we would love to hear from you! Interested volunteers could can contact Janet at 780-264-3216. If you are not able to volunteer we are extremely grateful for any donations that come in to help this very important cause! Click here if you would like to donate.

Needed:  If you (or any of your friends or family members) have a pickup truck you would be willing to drive out once to the reserve with dog food. (Remember, we reimburse for mileage!)
There are starving, feral dogs on Sunchild who are apparently taking peoples' pets as food.  I'm sure they would appreciate the bounty. 

Update 2011!

Janet has moved to the Red Deer area, and is able to look after the spay dogs. There are health nurses who work on the reserve who identify dogs needing to be spayed; they meet one of our volunteers, Shannon Carlile, midway between the reserves and Red Deer. Shannon brings these dogs to Janet. Janet gets these dogs to get into the vet, and cares for them during recovery.

We haven't had enough computer savvy volunteers to keep this page as current as we would like, but rest assured, the spaying goes on!!

Here are just a few of the females we have fixed in the past couple of years!


Spay girls from April 25, 2008

The small blonde dog is Sugar; she is Spice's littermate. (We spayed Spice last week.) Lexy is her mother (darker dog with blue collar and cropped tail.) They are the daughter and granddaughter of Misty (last year's spay girl). Lexy was pregnant at that time and we couldn't spay her. Last year Paws and Claws were relinquished some of Sugar and Spice's littermates, and got them good homes.



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April 19, 2008 Spice is her name.





Spay girls from April 12/08. Their names are Annabelle (border collie) and Sadie (long haired brown doggie).






September 5 , 2007 There were cancellations at the vet clinic, so we got a bunch of kitties in at the last moment. Paws and Claws had appointments for
Pinecone (neuter), Taylor (spay) and Morgan (spay). The others were just going to get their shots, but lucky for us they had a cancellation! So they added Frankie (neuter), Mikey (neuter) and WildOne
August 13 and 20, 2007 - Our vet clinic's staff was on holidays for a couple weeks this August, and Paws and Claws was unable to get spay appointments (week of Aug 13 and 20th). Then kennel cough (dog 'flu) hit our fostering facility that looks after the spay females; we are unable to spay again until the virus runs its course.  (This will take a couple of weeks.) Our volunteer still went out and picked up a litter of puppies scheduled to come into care; their profiles and pictures will be coming soon!  
August 5, 2007 Misty & Opal (Opal is the mom of the "Jewelry Boutique" Pearl, Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphire. )






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July 16, 2007 Star is the Mom of Emmerson, Mitsubishi, Sanyo and Sony.

Star's owners were happy to have her back from the vet. She is a loved dog and well taken care of by her family. She is the only fat dog we have ever taken from this area.

Star's family was thrilled that she was spayed and they will not have to worry about her having any more unwanted puppies!




July 10, 2007 Lucy and Cinnamon Lucy is the Mom of Acorn, Pinecone and Hazelnut)

Cinnamon is Lucy's daughter from a previous litter. The owners did not want her back so she was taken to Pawsitive Match Rescue in Calgary where they will find her a loving home!

Thank you to Natalie and D-fer for donating their earnings from the obedience class Natalie teaches, to spay Misty and Opal! Natalie adopted D-Fer from Paws & Claws this spring, and we could not have asked for a better home for him!

D-fer and Natalie are working hard at the classes and will be sending donations from their wages periodically.  The classes end for the summer and then will start in the fall again.  Also in about another 3-4 months D-Fer will be starting as a therapy dog in the seniors home and after that with the handicap kids.   Natalie tells us he is too special to keep to herself!

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June 30, 2007 Two of our volunteers traveled out west to bring two females into be spayed. They picked up Daux, she is the mother of the "Fabric Land" Cotton, Cashmere, Corduroy , Calico; who were brought in on June 3rd. We have spayed her free-of-charge, for her owners on the reserve in which we serve, thanks to the $100 donation from Bonnie Tjernqvist! This little girl will be happy to go home to her family; they dote on her, as does the big Chow-cross male in the yard!

Lovely Felicity is the mother of Rosie, Lamby and Sandy.  Her owner told our volunteer that he would like us to find her a new home, as there are just too many dogs in his yard.  Our volunteer was happy to hear this, as there is a big Chow-cross bully in the yard who kept going after poor Felicity.  He is the same tyrant who bit and gave baby Rosie an abscess on her face, and broke poor baby Lamby's ribs.  (Both puppies have made a full recovery, and are healthy, happy, and ready to be adopted into their forever homes.  You can see them on our Adoption page!) Karen Ramsell who adopted "Pepper" (now known as Poppy because she was adopted on Remembrance Day!) from the spice rack has donated her spay refund to paws and claws, thanks to Karen's generous donation we were able to bring Felicity in to be spayed!


June 19, 2007: Chelsea was spayed thanks to Darcy & Jocelyn for donating the $100 spay/neuter incentive to Paws and Claws! They adopted Brook who is now known as Lily. They waived their reimbursement, and wished us well for the upcoming year!

June 20th Melissa was spayed. Thank you very much Karen-Anne Deltombe for donating the $100 spay/neuter incentive to Paws and Claws! They adopted Titan they had him neutered but asked us if we would keep the $100.00 fee and use it to help some other dog or cat. Melissa is the proud benefactor of this donation.



June 13, 2007: Cairo was spayed and Luey was neutered.

Paws and Claws would like to thank Candace Leggett and family for their $200 donation.  They donated this money in loving memory of Candace's father, Ken Allen.  Candace’s father passed away, and this is money the family received in cards.  Since both Candace and her dad shared a love of dogs, she suggested donating the money to Paws and Claws. Our hearts go out to Candace and her family in their time of grief.  God bless you and your family.  This thoughtful legacy will prevent a tremendous amount of animal suffering.


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June 2, 2007: Lucky Lady and Laticia two dogs from the First Nations community West of Rocky were the fortunate females to be spayed this week; these gals will now only have to look after themselves.  Spaying these two ladies will prevent up to 13 000 unwanted puppies from being born over the next half decade.Paws and Claws would like to thank Maxine Evans for her $100 donation, Maxine contacted us back in October she had heard about us from a co-worker. Maxine is fellow dog angel and the proud owner of a 12 year old collie X which she adopted from the S.P.C.A. After seeing our website Maxine wanted to help and sent us a very generous donation. Thank so much Maxine for helping us spay Lucky Lady! Thank you to the family that adopted Carlito. They had Carlito neutered in February, we received a copy of his vet certificate with a request that they would like to donate his $100 spay/neuter deposit back to our organization. We used this money to spay Laticia. Thank you!

June 2, 2007 Bogey a male dog in our system was also neutered. Thank you very much Marlon & Beverly for donating the $100 spay/neuter incentive to Paws and Claws! They adopted Nala from Paws and Claws last year. Nala has grown up into a wonderful companion and member of their family. She's a happy and healthy dog who gets lot of love and attention; and lots of exercise too, thanks to Beverly, who takes her on long walks twice a day.




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May 20, 2007-  We spayed 'Girl', who is the mother of the litter we called "The Travelers".  Now Girl will just have to look after herself instead of litter after litter of puppies. Paws and Claws would like to thank Brynn, Hannah, Simon, Bryan, Marie, and Amy Geake, and Sienna and Emily Snow for their very generous $100 donation!

May 26, 2007- 'Lady' was brought in to be spayed.  Altering this blue-eyed beauty will prevent up to 6500 unwanted dogs from being born into AB over the next 5yrs. Paws and Claws thank the 16th Red Deer Brownies and 4th Girl Guides for their very generous donation. These wonderful girls collected $130.

May 12, 2007- We're back on the road again!  All of the repairs to fix the winter damage to our kennels have been completed (huge thanks to Gabe, Jodi, Tim and Dale!) so Jodi is again ready to take in the spay girls.  Janet's vehicle has also now been repaired (thanks to Lawrence and Ivan) and she is back on the road.  Janet brought in thirteen puppies, dogs, cats and kittens from the two reserves our mandate serves on Sunday, May 12; these little folks are now in foster homes, and can been seen on the adoptions page.  We will spay Melissa and Peaches as soon as they have stopped nursing and their milk dries up. Spaying Melissa will result in up to 6500 fewer unwanted dogs in Alberta over the next five years.  Spaying kitty will result in up to 450 000 fewer unwanted cats over seven years!

Upcoming events: Silent auction January 28 through February 3rd for an autographed Paul Brandt guitar at the Parkland Mall in Red Deer. This is being advertised on KG Country. Also this week is a promotion called "Miles Bring Smiles", where people get Air Miles for donating to us! February 4th to the 28th we are selling raffle tickets at $5 each for a 36" flat screen T.V. The next big event will be on Saturday March 10th, a coupon book promotion, with all proceeds going to PACARF. We have a way to go to hit our target, so we still need your support! We are in need of volunteers to work these events, if you are interested please call Vic at 403-352-2982 or 403-755-3094

January 27 & 28, 2007 If you are in the Edmonton area on Saturday, January 27 or Sunday, January 28 come by Paws and Claws’ booth at the Edmonton Pet Expo! (Northlands Agricom)

January 21, 2007 - The “Travelers” (five little puppies Bismark, Colombia, Ireland, Kingston, Memphis and Roswell) arrived. Janet managed to borrow a vehicle in order to bring the "Travelers" into care. Unfortunately it was not large enough to bring in any females to spay. We hope to resume our spay/neuter program soon!

January 7, 2007 - Our volunteer attempted the trip out to the reserves, but ended up rolling her vehicle in the ditch after hitting black ice. We will have to wait for her vehicle to be fixed before anymore dogs can be brought off the reserves. (Janet is fine, and no animals were in the vehicle with her.)

January 1, 2007 - No trip was made out to the reserve over New Years.


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December 24, 2006 - No trip was made out to the reserve over the Christmas holidays.

December 17, 2006- Our volunteer drove to many yards searching for two females to spay (we could only get two appointments this week at our vet's.) Janet had no luck until she went into Ashes' yard. There she also found poor Brutus. Paws and Claws volunteers aren't set up to take large males who might potentially break out of our dog-runs and fight our own males, but our volunteer couldn't leave Brutus behind to suffer. One of Brutus' eyes was just a swollen mass of pus. She loaded him into the second crate, drove to Red Deer, and met the emergency on-call vet at his clinic.We would like to thank Sheila McConney for donating the money to neuter and care for Brutus. We would like to thank Erhard & Wanda Sommerfeld's 11 year old daughter Nicole for helping to spay Ashes. She saw our website and felt so stongly she has donated her allowance ($30.00)! Thank you to our little dog angel Nicole! Thank you to Lorena Plato and Barbara & James Bateman, they also contributed to Ashes spay.



December 10, 2006 - Simba and Nala live in the same yard on the O'Chiese Reserve. They both had puppies this winter; both litters froze in the extreme cold. They will only have themselves to fend for from now on! Spaying these two gals will prevent up to 13 000 unwanted puppies from being born into Alberta in the next five years. We spayed another cat this week as well, preventing another 420 000 unwanted cats from being produced into our province in the next seven years. We would like to thank Dedrha Ripley, Brenda Granger, Gwen Curkin, Ryan Sims for helping to spay Simba and Douglas & Jayne Osborne and Kelly Gardner donating the money to spay Nala!

An autographed Paul Brandt hat was auctioned off the week of Dec. 10th at the Safeway in the Parkland Mall in Red Deer along with many other items kindly donated by vendors such as Canadian Tire, Chatters, Black Night Inn.

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December 3, 2006 - Our volunteer picked up Juju and Georgina to spay this week. Juju is the mother of Bear, one of the previous spay females. Due to this spay procedure, there will be as many as 6500 fewer pitbull puppies born in Alberta in the next five years! Georgina is entering the Paws and Claws foster system! We also spayed one kitty this week, preventing up to 420 000 unwanted kittens from being born in Alberta over the next seven years.

We would like to thank Larry & Wendy Findlay and Jim & Theresa Mompere for donating the money to have these girls spayed.


November 26, 2006 - It was -40 with the windchill this weekend. It was deemed too dangerous to travel in this kind of weather to the remote areas our charity's mandate serves, particularly as cell phone service there is also sporadic


November 19, 2006 - Brownie (II) and Kenya were brought in to spay. Kenya is the mother of Peanut and Nique. Kenya was a stray, and the family who looked after her do not want her back. She has entered our system, and is being treated for mange, worms and malnourishment. This affectionate and enthusiastic young adult will be available for adoption once she is healthy. We could only get two spay appointments this week at the vet's. We would like to thank Rob & Lorrie Closson for donating the money to spay these females.

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October 29, 2006 - Two females, the mothers of "The Gangsters", were brought in to be spayed. We could only get two spay appointments this week, this girl is Mickey, we were not able to get a picture of the other female. We would like to thank Micheal Fox for donating the money to spay these females.

Trent and Sue with SignCraft Digital Imaging read on our website that we are always seeking straw bales so dogs on the reserves can be built shelters and receive protection from the bitter cold. On October 29, 2006 the deGoesbriands with friend Sheila McConney came with a giant load of one hundred straw bales from Calgary!  Click Here for Video Clip of this amazing act of kindness.

This was an ugly cold Sunday, and the roads were terribly icy.  They passed many cars in the ditches on the trip; however, they persevered several hours for the dogs they so wanted to help. 

Sue, Trent and Shelia met our volunteers in Red Deer, and presented a bounty that still has us in shock.This marvelous couple took it upon themselves to recruit helpers and gather donations of all kinds from their friends and family! They brought dog and cat food and toys, treats, pet beds, blankets, towels, shampoos, and grooming tools. The deGoesbriands collected cash donations as well that totaled over $1700! 

  They then hauled the bales out to the O’Chiese and Sunchild Reserves, another two hours farther. The group spent many hours on the reserves distributing bales and food to families.  Loading and unloading dogs to be spayed and puppies coming into care took lots of time as well.  By the time they drove back to Jodi’s in Red Deer to unload the animals and tackled the long icy road home to Calgary, it was in the wee hours when they returned home. To read more about this please click here.


October 24, 2006 - Paws and Claws Animal Rescue Foundation brought three female dogs to Parkland Veterinary Hospital to be spayed. Winsley is the mother of "The Troopers" and "Larry, Curly and Mo". Baby is the mother of "The Toone Crew". We weren't given Skippy's puppies, but she is the daughter of Camilla, one of the dogs in our care. She and Camilla were the dogs who fought when they had puppies at the same time; Camilla came into care because her milk bag had been torn open and she needed veterinary attention. All is forgiven, however... Jodi went out to feed the dogs one morning and was alarmed to find Skippy's kennel empty. Then she looked into Camilla's run, and there was Skippy lying with her momma! Skippy had dug out of her run and into Camilla's to be with her. Spaying Winsley, Baby and Skippy will prevent up to 19 500 unwanted puppies from being born in Alberta in the next five years.

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October 14 and 15 - Our volunteers will be working our booth at the Women's Show in Edmonton at the Northlands AgriCom Hall C. Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 11-5. We hope you get a chance to stop by and say hello and meet some of the pups!

October 7, 8 & 9 - no dogs were brought in to be spayed over the Thanksgiving Weekend


October 2- Bear was brought in to be spayed She is an absolute doll with endless character....I now know why they named her Bear...she is always giving big Bear Hugs!! I bet she is only about 7 months old or in that range somewhere...she is such a pup!! She will be able to enjoy a full puppyhood and never have to worry about puppies of her own!!

We would like to thank our Corporate Sponsors Sign Craft Digital Imaging in Calgary for donating the money to have Bear Spayed! We are so very happy that the kindness of others has given her the opportunity to be the sweet girl that she is!


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September 26, 2006- Paws and Claws brought Shea and Scruffy in from the reserves to spay. Shea is the fourth female from the same yard as Blue, Bubbles and Princess who was too young to spay on the September 12th trip. Janet returned to have her spayed but was not able to find another female who was not in heat, nursing, or pregnant as a third, despite hours and hours of searching. We had Mattaea (one of the dogs in care, mother of the Presidential Suite) spayed instead. Happily, our efforts this day translate into 19 500 fewer unwanted puppies born over the next five years in Alberta.


September 12, 2006 Three young females Blue, Bubbles and Princess, who live in the same yard on the Sunchild Reserve were spayed. There is one more female from that yard who needs to be spayed as well, but she is still too young for the surgery.










August 30, 2006- Brownie and Crystal were brought in to be spayed. One of our dogs in care, Tyler, was also neutered this day.

Brownie is the mother of the "Lil Rascals"; we had her spayed for her owners as soon as her milk dried up. When our volunteer returned to the reserve with Brownie, however, the male owner told her he didn't want her back, as there were too many dogs in his yard. Our volunteer agreed to take Brownie into care. Please visit our Adoptions page for more information on Brownie.

Crystal is back at home with her family on the Sunchild Reserve. Our volunteer was touched by how happy she was to see her people upon her return, and they to see her.


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August 23, 2006 One of our volunteers brought in three adult females (Poppy, Casey, and Mattaea) from the reserves.

Poppy has had a litter of nine puppies, and our volunteers have been trying to catch them for weeks. They are approximately twelve weeks old, but are frightened of people, and whisk away like lightening when we approach.

Casey is the mother of "The Astronomy Club".

Mattaea is still raising her babies, currently three-and-a-half weeks old. She, too, will be spayed as soon as her puppies no longer need her. . Sweet Pea, one of the dogs in care, was spayed August 23, 2006 along with Poppy and Casey.











August 15, 2006 - We brought three females off the reserves (Pickles, Nemo and Foxy) to spay.

Pickles is the mother of "The Coffee Shop", most of whom have already found their forever homes.

We homed two of Nemo's puppies this spring as well (Rudy and Riley). Two other of her other male puppies from this litter still live with Nemo on the reserve.

Foxy has also had puppies, as evidenced by her milk-filled teats, but we do not know what happened to her puppies. She was dumped off on the Sunchild Reserve, puppy less, two weeks before our volunteer picked her up.  









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August 9, 2006 - Paws and Claws provided the transportation and paid for the spaying of two female dogs (Candy and Sasha) that live on the reserves. Sunshine, one of the dogs in care, was also spayed that day.

Candy has never had puppies, and happily never will.

Sasha is the mother of the "Car Lot", all of whom Paws and Claws found good homes. Sasha also had an old bullet-hole wound repaired during her operation.

Sasha lives with a wonderful family who is very good to her, but she has been vulnerable to some nasty person with a gun at some point in her life.

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